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NatureWax Soya Container Wax (Eco Wax 3)

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Made with pure 100% natural soy bean oil, NatureWax® (Eco Wax 3) CB-3 is perfect for the all natural colourless candle.  It comes in a flake form making it really easy to handle.

It has excellent adhesion to containers and does not require the containers to be preheated.  It offers a cleaner burn, a slower burn and lasts up to 50% longer than traditional waxes.

It's a one pour wax and can be used with either fragrance or essential oils.  Recommended scent load is about 7-8% but we would recommend you test first.  Add the fragrance before you pour but at a temperature no less than 57.2°C.  Make sure you test your fragrance first to make sure it is suitable for your requirements.

Don't forget that it can also be used as a massage candle as it has been dermatologically tested, making it perfect for your range of products.  Plus you can use it in lip balms.

Melting point: 51-54 °C

Fragrance can be added up to 6%.  Allow 12 hours before the candle is burned.

Colour - creamy white.

Penetration - 38-52 @ 25°C

Flash Point: >315°C

Trade name: NatureWax®C-3

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