Soap making resources

We love to support all our customers in every way we can. Below are some extremely useful links for soap makers of all levels.

Here we have a link to Our Vegan Website. This is just being built with lots of products and blogs being adding over the coming weeks. Definitely worth a look around to see it grow. Napuve - Natural - Pure - Vegan.


The Soap Coach. Here you will find an amazing amount of knowledge that will save you time and money. Keri is an expert in her field and full of passion and desire to teach others all she knows with regular videos that explain the easy and successful way to make wonderful creations. If you subscribe to her site you will also get discount codes to buy you ingredients here at just a soap so those savings will cover your subscription cost...then all her knowledge is basically free. 

Napuve Supplements

Here we have linked up to try and complete our package of services. At Napuve Supplements you can choose from a wide range of Vegan vitamins and supplements (being vegan they can be taken by anyone). By doing this we are one step closer to boosting health and wellbeing both inside out out. We also have a discount code to use here. Just enter JAS15 at checkout for 15% off your order.


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