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    Crystal Goats Milk White Melt & Pour Soap Base : 11.5kg

    The same high standard of the Crystal Soap Base but with added Goats Milk to create a white creamy coloured base.

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    Brand Crystal
    Manufacturer Stephenson Group
    OK for vegans No - it does contains Goats Milk
    Crystal Goats Milk Soap Base is a vegetable based melt and pour soap with added Goats Milk to create a white, creamy coloured base.   While you can create your own Goats Milk Base by adding Goats Milk Powder to your own base, this is the quick and easy approach as the hard work as already been carried out for you.

    We Love this soap base because...

    • it is an attractive creamy looking base that will create a pastel shade if colour is added
    • the added Goats Milk makes the base feel silky and luxurious on your skin
    • it's packaged in 11.5kg box 
    • manufactured in the UK by Stephensons Group
    • lots of bubbles and a premium base
    • neutral odour meaning it takes fragrances well
    • suitable for vegetarians

     Recommended for

    • a luxury bar of soap
    • soapmakers of all experience as it is so easy to use
    • it has a neutral odour meaning your fragrances and essential oils will give a true scent
    • having lots of bubbles

    Don't forget

    • we recommend you wrap this soap as soon as your soaps are set as it is inclined to attract moisture from the atmosphere if left unwrapped (known as sweating)
    • test your fragrance in a small amount of soap base first as some fragrances can cause the base to discolour
    • a quick spritz of isopropyl alcohol on the top will remove any surface bubbles
    • do not overheat or you will remove the moisture from the soap
    MANUFACTURER Stephenson Group
    BRAND Crystal
    COLOUR White

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