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    Our refined white coconut oil is perfect for your soap making requirements. This is a top seller for us and it flies out the door. Silky smooth it is easily absorbed by the skin and is often used in hair preparation. The 1kg sizes are packaged in easy to store tubs - use what you need and keep the rest for later.

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    Solid Coconut Oil is one of the key ingredients in Cold Process soap making.  It produces an excellent hard bar that will last longer than soft bars, making it an economical alternative for you.  Your customers will love the rich lather that these bars produce.  




    • the 1kg is size packaged in a tub so you can use as much or as little as you like and simply put the lid back on when finished.  Such easy storage and no messy plastic bags.  The 12.5kg is a bag in a box so make sure you have somewhere cool to store it.
    • a plain white oil which is refined and has no smell
    • reduce the spread of germs as Coconut Oil contains antifungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-bacterial agents - ideal for a bar of soap.
    • used for soothing dryness and irritation - perfect for externally treating common skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis making it a perfect ingredient for skin preparations.
    • it's great for adding directly to the skin as it has such a low melting point
    • one of the main ingredients commonly used in cold process soap making

     Recommended for

    • cold process soap making
    • lip balms
    • perfect for dry skin - feet and elbows are a great place to start

    Did you know..

    • this is a refined product and therefore does not have a coconut odour - it will not smell of coconuts.  Sorry!
    • the 12.5kg box is packaged as a food product so the Expiry Date on it refers to food manufacturing only.  For soap making purposes the expiry date it is an extra 12 months.
    • it has a very low melting point and so in the summer months or if you live in a hot climate, think about storage. 
    • To our soap making customers, an interesting fact is that Coconut Oil is also known as the 76 degree Coconut Oil in many Lye Calculators charts as it melts at 76 degrees F (24 deg Celsius).
    • VAT is not charged on this product
    • This Coconut Oil comes from The Phillipines and Indonesia
    • Trade name: Coconut Oil RD (refined and deodorised)
    Cocos Nucifera
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