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    SLS Free clear Soap Base

    This is a translucent soap base free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), which some people find an irritant, but with the usual moisturising and cleaning properties. This does contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES).

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    Brand Claranol
    Manufacturer Stephenson Group
    Tested on animals No
    SLS Free Clear Soap Base is a vegetable based melt and pour soap and is made without SLS which some people can find to be an irritant.  We do not describe this as a clear soap base as it has a rather hazy appearance.  But it is still one of our most popular bases. 


    • a mild base as it does not contain SLS
    • manufactured in the UK by Stephenson Group (as of September 2016).
    • lots of bubbles and great value for money
    • neutral odour meaning it takes fragrances well
    • suitable for vegetarians and vegans

     Recommended for

    • a solid, well priced soap base that gives excellent results
    • soapmakers of all experience as it is so easy to use
    • it has a neutral odour meaning your fragrances and essential oils will give a true scent
    • having lots of bubbles

    Don't forget

    • make sure you don't overstir the soap base as this will create bubbles which will be difficult to disperse
    • test your fragrance in a small amount of soap base first as some fragrances can cause the base to go cloudy
    • a quick spritz of isopropyl alcohol on the top will remove any surface bubbles
    • please bear in mind it is not as clear as the usual transparent base so we don't describe it as a clear base. One of the properties of SLS is to give clarity so taking it out will reduce this. We have also found that the fragrance can make a difference to the clarity so it's really worth experimenting with a small quantity first
    • do not overheat or you will remove the moisture from the soap
    • this does contain SLES (sodium laureth sulphate).  If you would prefer neither SLS nor SLES then this may not be the base for you.

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