Collection: Cosmetic Fragrance Oils

The simple fact is our pure fragrance oils are there to make your products smell great. Turning a plain bar of soap into a premium product by adding a small amount of fragrance to your manufacturing process.

Our fragrance oils are manufactured for us by two well known UK manufacturers, many to our own specification. Fragrance Oils are a mixture of natural and synthetic oils, formulated for cosmetic products. Many are also suitable for use in candles making them doubly attractive.

As with any ingredient, we recommend testing your recipe first before starting large scale production - this is especially important with Cold Process soap making where fragrance oils can give unpredictable results.

If you are planning to use a fragrance oil In your CPSR then please contact us first to make sure we will stock it long term to avoid disappointment.  Often fragrances come and go and we make no guarantees that we will always have a particular fragrance in stock.

*Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of opened fragrance oils, so please ensure it is suitable for your needs*.

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