What to use for a Soap Mould - M&P

Half the fun of making your soap (especially with Melt and Pour soap base) is the amazing number of different things you can use for a mould.

We'll concentrate on Melt and Pour as there are quite a few options.  Plastic is the best as it is flexible and you can get the soap out easily but don't restrict yourself.  Look around the kitchen and you will see butter tubs, the ice cube tray, cooking moulds, jelly moulds, small plastic tubs - the list goes on and on.

Of course we are still very happy for you to purchase a soap mould from us!

A quick explanation of the different types:

Bar mould - this makes a single bar of soap.

Tray mould - this makes a number of soap bars in one pour.  The Tray is usually scored so that you can cut the bars up easily.

Cavities - the number of "bars" you will be able to make from that one mould.  Most moulds will be 3 or 4 cavities.  Sometimes they are single meaning you can only make 1 bar at a time.

Loaf mould - this makes a solid brick of soap that you can cut up and use as slices or chunks.

How to get your soap out of the mould - once your soap has set, leave it for a few hours and it should come out of the mould easily.  It just needs a small air gap in order to get it out.

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