What is Rubbing Alcohol?

One of the most common questions we are asked is "What is Rubbing Alcohol?"  The phrase usually seen on websites and in books is to "spritz your melted soap with rubbing alcohol" to get rid of the bubbles.

You know the problem -  the soap base has melted and maybe you've over stirred it a bit and there are some bubbles that won't go away.  Or you've poured your molten soap into the mould and bubbles sit on the top.

In the UK, rubbing alcohol is known as Isopropyl Alcohol.  It is a clear liquid which you can purchase directly from us.

In the world of melt and pour soap, it is an invaluable tool for making the bubbles disappear by a quick spritz using a mist spray.

The Isopropyl Alcohol works by changing the surface tension of any bubbles so that they pop.  It is colourless and volatile so the slight odour evaporates extremely quickly.

BIG Warning  - it is highly flammable so needs to be treated with care.

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