Using Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide is the ingredient that turns a clear soap base into an opaque soap base.

It comes in powder form with the look and texture of flour.  It is also known by the Colour Index number of CI 77891or Pigment White 6.

So how do you add it to melt and pour soap?  Firstly do not add it directly as a powder - it will clump and lump and not disperse in to the soap base well.

It is best to mix it with either water or vegetable glycerine to make a paste before adding to the melted soap.

Add up to 1% of the melted soap base to make it white.  Be careful not to add too much as it will sink to the bottom when the soap is set.

If you are using this in cold process soap making, then you can also disperse it into your base oils.

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