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How to Label Your Products

Do you know how to  label your products? Here's a few points you will need to cover and include

    • The name and function of your product
    • The EU address where the responsible person/company/PIF information is.  This can be down as first line of the address and the postcode.
    • Country of origin IF the product has been manufactured outside the EU.
    • Weight:Volume.  Unless it is a free sample or less than 5g/5ml or a single application item.
    • Batch number.
    • Best Before if durability of the product is less than 30 months . This can be by the text "Best used before the end of MMYY" or by the timer symbol.


    • If the product has a durability of more than 30 months then a Best Before date is not required.  However, an indication of the time after opening for which the product is still safe must be labelled accordingly in Months.  This can be represented by the POA symbol.


  • Any possible precautions - eg do not use near eyes.
  • Claims - must not be misleading and must be fair.  Any claims must be true and have evidence to back them up.  Are your statements true?
  • Text must be in the national language of the respective EU member state.
  • Ingredients - what is in your product.  To enable everyone in the EU to use the same names the INCI name for an ingredient is used.  INCI names can be found on the International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient list.  They would be listed in descending order with Colours using their CI number at the end.  Fragrance oil is referred to as Parfum.  Flavour Oil is referred to as Aroma.

We have put together a short video showing you what's needed - take a look.


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