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    Vegetable Glycerine

    Vegetable Glycerine is often used in bath melts and solid bubble blocks.

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    INCI Glycerin
    USE IT IN Bath Melts, Soap Making, Lotions, Bath Bombs

    Vegetable Glycerine is often used in bath melts and solid bubble blocks.

    A clear, thick, odourless and colourless liquid that is widely used in cosmetic formulations.

    However, its uses do not stop there and it can be added to creams and lotions as well as making soap base from scratch.

    Vegetable Glycerine is a humectant which means it helps a product retain moisture - ideal for body lotions for example. But it is not a good idea to use it directly on the skin - another property of being a humectant means that it will also attract moisture and will therefore dry your skin. Best to add it combine it with other ingredients.

    One final use which we have tried, is to use the glycerine to make a Snow Globe with glitter. Simple but fun!

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