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SLSA-5 5kg

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SLSA - Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

SLSA is one of the mildest foaming agent available.  It is derived from coconut and palm oils and is a free flowing white powder.

It is suitable for incorporation into a range of bath products to get extra foaming effect and we like it because it produces a rich and creamy foam.  So if you are looking for extra bubbles then this is a great product for you.

SLSA is much milder than SLS and contains none of the potentially irritating ingredients to which some people are sensitive.

The powder is In a free flowing form which should be used in a well ventilated room.  

It can be used up to 5% in bath bombs, scrubs, shampoos, bubble baths and more.

INCI: Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate.

Tradename: Lathanol Coarse.

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