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    Sasol Container Paraffin Wax

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     Container Paraffin Wax

    A solid paraffin wax especially formulated for producing candles in jars and containers. It provides low shrinkage and excellent adhesion.  This comes as a solid wax and not in pellet form. The 4.9kg size is a solid slab of paraffin wax.

    It is a low melt point paraffin "blend" containing vegetable triglycerides formulated as a one pour container wax.

    The low melting point of around 44 deg C ensures the wax burns completely.  It is a white to creamy colour.

    Pouring temperature should be between 65-70 deg C and we would recommend adding fragrance between 4 and 8%.

    Viscosity 100 deg C (mm/s) 4.0-5.0

    Needle Penetration 25 deg C (0.1mm) 70-100

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