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Olive Wax

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Olive Wax is made from Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil.  It is in flake format and can be used in soaps, candles, body lotions and lip balms as an addition or alternative to beeswax.


  • suitable for lip balms, lotions, and all skin care products
  • a perfect substitute for beeswax making it ideal for Vegan products
  • in flake form making it very easy to handle
  • perfect for products aimed at the sensitive skin market

 Recommended for

  • all skin types especially sensitive and mature skin
  • an artificial thickener 
  • creams, lotions, nail products, foot care products
  • a great substitute for beeswax

Extra Information

  • INCI: Olea Europa 
  • melting point of 60 deg C

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