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    Isopropanol Alcohol - 25 litre

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    If you making Melt and Pour soap then you will probably be familiar with the bubbles that you get when you pour your melted soap, or layers that don't stick together too well.

    The answer is Isopropanol also known as Isopropyl Alcohol and also commonly known as Rubbing Alcohol which it is often referred to in American books.  

    A quick fine spary of Isopropyl will quickly eliminate any of those bubbles that appear on the surface of your soap once you have poured it.

    Looking at making layers of soap - a quick spritz will help the layers stick together.

    It's like a magic spray.  Technically it breaks the surface tension of the bubbles, causing them to pop and leave you with a smooth bubble free surface.  Because it is a volatile product it evaporates immediately and so nothing is transferred to your finished product.

    This is highly flammable and so do keep it away from any source of ignition.  

    We offer this in a 250ml size which is in an aluminium bottle and comes with a mini trigger spray.

    Also in a 500ml refill size - the mini trigger is not supplied with this option.

    Purity: 99.9%

    Sorry, but we cannot send this internationally.

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