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    English Rose

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    English Rose fragrance oil is one of our most popular fragrances.  The delicate scent of roses in the air just remind you of a lovely warm summer.


    • suitable for both clear and opaque bases.  It is clear in colour which could be important if you are aiming to make a totally transparent soap bar.
    • manufactured in the UK so you can be sure of its high quality.  We've stocked English Rose for over 10 years so we know it's a good one.
    • conforms to IFRA guidelines so easy to include on your safety assessments if you are looking to sell your products.
    • this does not contain vanillin so it will not discolour your soaps. Browning soaps can be a problem if you've used a white base and you're not expecting it.

     Recommended for

    • melt and pour soap bases
    • all bath products including bath bombs, bath salts, bath melts and bubble bath
    • candles

    Not Recommended for

    • lip balms - please don't use it in a lip balm as it will taste horrid.
    • cold process soap making - customer feedback indicates it may seize so test first on a small amount

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