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COCOA-5 5kg

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This is natural Cocoa Butter (the fat from the seeds of Theobroma cacoa.) which has been refined but still retains its faint chocolatey aroma.

It is ideal for use in soaps and toiletries to give that added luxury.  It is also often used in lip balms and it popular in creams and lotions.

Cocoa Butter is a very hard butter and as such if added to a soap base it will add hardness to the final result.

As with any butter we would recommend up to 5% in a melt and pour soap base. Remember too much added butter will reduce the lather of the soap and make it too greasy.

However, it is a great moisturiser and often used in lip balms and bath melts.

Its low melting point, like Shea Butter makes it ideal for both of these products.  This cocoa butter is pale yellow to white in colour.

We supply the Cocoa Butter in resealable plastic tubs, except for the 25kg which is a bag in a box.  Quantity discounts are available on the 1kg size.

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