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    3 in 1 Body Wash Base

    From Stephenson Personal Care is a bath base that can be used for Bubble Bath, Hand Wash or Shower Gel.

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    Manufacturer Stephenson Group
    OK for vegetarians/vegans Yes
    Use it in Hand Soap, Bubble, Shower Gel
    This base only requires the addition of fragrance or essential oils to make a fantastic range of products including Bubble Bath, Shower Gel and Hand Soap.

    It is pre preserved and pre thickened with great foaming and lather qualities.  See the information in the Key Points tab for instructions on how to get the best results.


    • clear base which is easily coloured
    • paraben free
    • no thickening necessary
    • suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
    • all ready to go!


    • when adding fragrance or essential oil use no more than 1% and test a small amount first

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