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Safety Assessors and CPSR

Monday, 2 January 2017 11:07

Looking to get your recipes/products assessed and a CPSR produced?  

Or for some help with product development?

We have contacted these companies who are able to help Just a Soap customers with getting their products to market.

Oxford Biosciences : telephone 01844 238827 or email: safety@oxfordbiosciences.com

Cosmetic Safety Consultants Ltd : telephone:  020 3239 1857 or email: Info@cosmeticsafetyassessment.com

Garrs Cosmetic Safety : telephone 01244 322101 or easily via email: info@garrscosmeticsafety.co.uk

If you are looking for Formulation Development  or Advice or Regulatory Support then Stacey Irvine at Global Cosmetic Developments will be able to help you.

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