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Epsom Salts - background information

Monday, 2 January 2017 11:29

Epsom Salts are our favourite product because they are so versatile and can do some many things.

So let's get the basics over with.  Our Epsom Salts are from a German company - K&S Kali.  We only buy FCC grade and it comes to us in 25kg sacks.

What does FCC mean?  This stands for Food Chemicals Codex which is a set of US standards (US Pharmacopeia) that are actually used worldwide for health care products, medicines and many more.  If a product is FCC, then it means it has met this high requirement.

The FCC grade was previously known as a BP grade (British Pharmacopeia). Sometimes it is referred to as Epsom BP grade.

We sell our Epsom Salts in 1kg and 25kg packs.  The most common question is how much should I use?  We would recommend 200-300g in one bath which is roughly 2 mug fulls of an average mug. 25kg sacks are a more cost effective way of buying Epsom Salt but remember that 25kg is very heavy so ensure you can lift it, and you have somewhere to store it.  The sack is roughly the size of a large sack of dog biscuits.

Once opened the bag should be sealed so that it doesn't absorb the air.  You should then be able to keep it for at least a couple of years.

What are you waiting for?  go and have a bath...



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