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CPNP - what you need to know

Monday, 2 January 2017 11:30

CPNP - the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal

If you are manufacturing and or importing your own cosmetic products it is now your responsibility to register then under the CPNP, effective from July 2013 under the European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009.  This is a European wide portal so you will only have to register your products once and it must be done premarket.

The aim is that all products will be centrally registered with the details of the ingredients, formulations and packaging information so that in the event of any poisoning or medical incidents involving a certain product, then the information about what it contains will be available Europe wide.  It's all about the safety of the product.

You will firstly need to register with a username and password at the CPNP portal, then register your company and then link the two.  Finally, add your products in.

The Official User Guide can be found here.

A more readable guide can be found here courtesy of Cosmetic Safety Assessments - all credit to Scott Grainger for this.


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