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Technical Section

This section contains the MSDS sheets, Analysis sheets and more.  Plus information about our products and the cosmetic world.

VAT - do I have to pay it?

Tuesday, 4 October 2016 15:01

If you are in the UK then yes, you will see that you have to pay VAT on the products.

Some of our products are zero rated for VAT.  This is because they have been zero rated by HMRC and it is usually because they are food products - Coconut Oil for example.

If you are in the EU and have a EU VAT number then you will not need to pay VAT.

When entering your order, you need to ensure your account is set up with your EU VAT number.  The VAT will then be deducted for you.

Do you have an EU VAT number?

Tuesday, 4 October 2016 15:02

If you have an EU VAT number then you will not need to pay VAT.

The VAT number is validated each time you  checkout and the number is automatically checked against the EU website

When you enter your number into the Just a Soap website do not put the country code - just enter the number.  

If you add the country code as well then this is what is passed over for checking and it will fail.

So only enter the number. Any problems do get in touch with us.

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